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Carlita reflects on her interview with Trevor James Constable. Carlita then ponders on how to conserve her podcast archive and wonders why she has only had feedback from other podcasters and very little from listeners. Carlita then plugs Adam Lane’s podcast, “The Chronicles of the Psychonautilus” http://the-psychonautilus.podomatic.com/ and Adam’s new soon to be podcast “The Portal”.

Carlita is amazed how she can talk to herself for almost two hours. She updates listeners by sharing news and unveiling ecology projects. Exploring how in order to shift from the old paradigm, the conscious part of humanity is shifting from the archaic to embrace sustainability and possibilities for communities within sustainability through networking, removing ourselves as currency from the oligarchic machine.

Carlita launches her “Evolve to Ecology” conservation projects and the ethos behind “Evolve to Ecology”, which also functions as an information tool for people interested in community sustainability and alternative energy- http://www.spanglefish.com/evolvetoecology . Projects which she has been working on around the day job along with the podcasting! Carlita discusses her rainfoest ecology projects, as well as the endangered mangrove ecosystems and the basics of biodiversity conservation in the Amazon, explaining how logging affects Rainforest ecology, habitat fragmentation and rainforest species survival. After an indepth discussion with herself and her listeners, she then promotes phyisical and emotional sustainability, by talking about Qigong and how the human body meridians are the deeply interconnected microcosmic ecology reflecting the macrocosm of Gaia.

Carlita then shares some love and truth with listeners by reading a creative piece on how we can sustain ourselves spiritually and emotionally, with ‘Being Open to Intimacy’ (Into Me You See) written by Nick Ralls. Carlita shares some exciting news with listeners for the future unfolding of Sailing and explains how in the next episode she will be interviewing an alternative energy organisation, (who are infact connected to Trevor James Constable, but she forgets to mention this in the podcast!).

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Beginning: Shamanic Wolf Song

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End: Ustad Usman Khan -Journey in a Dream


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