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Sailing on a journey with author of “Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution”, Susan Joy Rennison is a geophysics researcher & expert on space weather & earth changes.  Susan summarizes the material in her book & how it relates to current environmental changes; she has been researching changes in the earths energy field, astrophysics, unidentified aerial phenomena, solar cycles, magnetars, human & planetary energy fields, metaphysics, astrophysics, plasmoid behaviour, plasmic shields, plasma entities, mayan elders & the recent spirals appearing in the sky.

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Here is a transcript of the Interview with Susan Joy Rennison available on her website to download and read as a pdf or other formats.

There is also a .pdf document option which can be read online or printed off

Episode also archived  and available for download at Archive.org


Earth by The Orb

and Roxanne Feat with Nitin Sawnhey

Originally published Dec 9th 20o9


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