Exploring uncharted waters, unfolding an evolving humanity, we bring you the last voices of Gaia.

Listen to this show here.

A double helping of two shows in one week. We are honored to have Ralph Okrafo-Smart who shares a  radio show with Radiah Nunez at Infinite Waters on BlogTalk Radio

A discussion with Ralph on the collective evolving consciousness, how types of conditionings are played into the human drama, perception of human reality, illusions, mirrors, expressing ones humanity, vulnerability, connecting with oneness, practising balance beyond infinity into the heart, freeing oneself from ego, history, programming, stereotypes, culture, fear, control, illusion of separation, cycles of energy, Gaia, connecting with nature, self empowerment, cities, indigenous settlements, central america, sustainability, individual impact & action, communities, living within ones means, concepts of age.

IntroOn the Stage by Rowelle


The Spiritual Subplot by Shams



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