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Carlita updates listeners on the intrepid world of interviewing other solution energy advocates. She reads out an email she received from one of her wonderful listeners.  Carlita then features a special presentation courtesy of Project Camelot whom organized a phenomenal conference on in Zurich last year (2009). Bill Ryan introduces Brian O’ Leary Ph.D, a physicist and ex-astronaut who has written a book on “Energy Solution Revolution”, the presentation is in English and German. Art Neuuman, aka Henry Deacon discloses his own identity and shares some important information to listeners in support of Brian O’ Leary in his presentation.  David Wilcox joins in, and all three give a brilliantly moving talk on the possibilities and complications of free energy , what it can mean for humanity, and the challenges and oppressions inflicted upon inventors, pioneers by the oligarchy and how we can make this transition to solution energy, despite these challenges.

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