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Carlita begins by reading more wonderful emails from extraordinary people whom have discovered SBK Radio, she reads an email out from a new listener, a sacred geometry sculptor and ecological builder, Bo A ,  and a wonderful email from Karen Sawyer thanking her for featuring her book in the last episode. Carlita is very honored to receive an email from Thomas Brown whom is a close friend of Trevor James Constable. Thomas Brown had been listening in from New Zealand and wrote in to Carlita after listening to Episode-16 Exploring the Cosmic Pulse with Trevor James Constable. Carlita then goes on to prepare the pathway for an interview with Panacea University by featuring a short summary on the suppression of solution energy engineers by government officials. Carlita then interviews Ashtweth Palise, the Director of Panacea University, a pioneering not-for-profit teaching organisation focused on free (solution) energy devices, engineers, tools, research and online free courses, Panaea University is based in Australia.

Panacea functions as an on-line open source information hub where listeners can learn about solution energy devices and find much more that will benefit their own community network. Carlita asks Ashtweth Palise a series of detailed questions about the work of Panacea University, their aims and ethos, the community and people they work with and who they are likely to be involved with in the future, Ash goes into detail regarding the ethos and goals of the open source learning faculty, Panacea have to offer and the exciting projects that they are working on in partnership with other organizations, he encourages listeners to look up the work of Irish based company Steorn.


Carlita asks how  Panacea University handles the oligarchic agenda of repressing solution energy systems and engineers Ash explains how the organisation can help new energy engineers deal with the challenges to deliver their pioneering work within the safety of public arena and how it is important for people to support and protect new energy pioneers. Carlita asks Ashtweth to explain the information that they can offer the general public in understanding what zero point energy or the “Casimir Effect” is, practically and theoretically.

Carlita then asks Ashtweth to explain what  Panacea University can offer the public to learn from the organisation on what the concept of “Cold Fusion” is and she points out that it has been theorised as being one of the possible methods used in 9/11,  due scientific analysis with debri and to everything turning to dust, including ceramics, concrete, steel etc rather than melting as it would with thermite, it is  another suppressed source of technology and  information that is notably becoming more accepted, can you explain what information you have on cold fusion on your website for listeners to go and take a look at with an overview of these resources, Ashtweth explains what the correct terminology is of Cold Fusion and explains in detail what Panacea University has in way of researching and demonstrating this form of energy and he recommends links to Focus Fusion.org .

Panacea University’s aim is to educate people, obviously one needs a certain amount of knowledge and awareness  already before taking on any of the courses offered by the variety of different alternative energy scientists on the Panacea University Website. Carlita asks Ashtweth what kind of person, for example would it be possible for a layman to built such a device that is available via the information that Panacea University provide; for practical hands on experiments and how much skill does someone need to prepare with their understanding of technological information before they are able to build  and use a solution energy device depending on the technology or do they have to have a great degree of guidance or an in depth physics background. Ashtweth explains the concepts behind encouraging communities of people to self organise to build such devices depending on their expertise and levels of experience, he goes on in details to address the tools that people can use in order to achieve this aim. Carlita puts Ashtweth to the challenge of recommending specific devises and tools for those who desire to set up self sustainable communities out of the free twenty courses available that Panacea University have to offer.

Carlita asks Ash how Panacea University found the work of Trevor James Constable beneficial to the organisation and Ashtweth talks in great length and detail demonstrating his fondness of Trevor James Constable and his rain engineering work and of Trevor’s constant support to Panacea University as a learning institute and how Trevor James Constable is a great Pioneer to Humanity and an unsung hero, Carlita can only agree having said the same earlier in the show how important Trevor and his work is for us to shift paradigms.  Carlita asks Ashtweth if he has any last words for the sceptics out there and Ashtweth gives a lecture on how to deal with sceptical minds.

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