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(Presentation is in Spanish & English) Thanks to Maya Rose for the Spanish Translation of Blue Thunders Presentation on Medicine Wheel Earth Healing and how it works.

Carlita starts with an introduction to Bennie”BlueThunder”LeBeau, at http://tetonrainbows.com -this podcast is dedicated to earth healing, this weekend there are several earth healing events, the earthdance festival which is parrt of the synchronized prayer for peace taking place this weekend worldwide on the 18th of September, Earth Dance International and at  http://www.earthmothercrying.org/ and http://tetonrainbows.com/flyersynchronization.pdf . Other wonderful events taking place next month is  a great concept of  100 participating artists in a community art exhibition created by Carne Griffith to be shown in New Orleans and London, go to www.100sqft.co.uk for more details or to take part in the next show.

Parts 1 and Part 2 are a recording of Blue Thunder giving a presentation on how the medicine wheel healing works on the earths energy fields. He explains that every human  thought and action we have, the earth records and is affected by our negative and positive actions on a deeply energetic level, so if our emotions go out of balance we affect the vibrations of mother nature. Blue Thunder performs sacred songs with Maya Rosa and he explains how sacred songs and ceremonies heal these inbalances through sound healing.Part 3 is recorded outside during a medicine wheel circle ceremony performed by Blue Thunder.

First installment of a 3 part podcast  day of earth healing with Blue Thunder  in the Guatemalan Highlands, Solola, Panajachel, Guatemala. Bennie”BlueThunder”LeBeau, his Native American Tribal  Nation is the the Eastern Shoshone Nation, located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming.  Blue Thunder was invited to Lago Atitlan, Guatemala to help heal the problems of the Lake. Blue Thunder is good friends with Dr Emoto and understands that our thoughts affect everything, including water, therefore if we clean our hearts and minds and only think clean thoughts we can heal our hearts and minds as well as a whole lake. Blue Thunder is a reknowned Medicine Wheel Earth Healer. He is a Younger Tribal Elder, 59 years old from the Wind River Indian Reservation of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.

Blue Thunder has also been a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth as a seed carrier of prophecies. He is well known for creating Medicine Wheel and other Circle Ceremonies that accomplish major healings of Mother Earth’s Environments and sacred sites repairing the Mother Earth’s power centers, sacred carpets of Mother Earth, healing the energy grids, which have been disrupted by various forms of development. The Grand Tetons Medicine Wheel of May 8, 2004, encompassing a 1,200-mile diameter, alleviated the impending explosion of the Yellowstone Super Volcano in 2004: This Ceremony helped restore harmony within Mother Earths, Wind, Fire and Water helping curbing and softening the tornadoes, floods, droughts and earthquakes within this huge circle. He has set up large healing ceremonies based on the sacred geometry of the earths energy meridians, he was implemental in healing Yellowstone Volcano, which he explains is on the exact oposite side of the earth to Iran and Iraq, where there has been constant bombing, war and negativity.

Blue Thunder points out that ‘As Above, So Below’ is a fact that really comes into play with the earths sacred energy meridians, This is why the Yellowstone Volcano has been threatening to explode, Blue Thunder worked at the site and at some 20 points 600 miles in full circle around the epicentre, the effects of his ceremonies are extremely potent and healing.

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