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Carlita hosts an interview with James Horak. James has helped bring awareness of ‘Electromagnetic Vehicles’ (EMVs), an object phenomena, within the Sun’s Corona, each one the size of planet earth; first studied by  Dr Norman Bergrun who wrote the book “The Ringmakers of Saturn”. James shares with listeners his experiences with UFOs, his research and work. James and Carlita discuss, EMV, EBs, ETs, UFOs, USOs Multidimensional reality, God, Divine Consciousness, the powers at be, Corporate corruption, 9/11, the Gulf Oil Disaster, Hollywood Films, Nuclear wars and Infinite Consciousness.

Since James Horak was very young he has had encounters with UFOs, as a young man he spent a few years in the Navy serving aboard navy ships where in 1962 he witnessed a UFO encounter in Sasebo Harbour, Japan. This in turn led to further strange events in James’s life. In 1973 he worked on the Theory of Fusion Metals and other projects relating to mineral analysis that led him to encounter EMV operations in Utah, USA. Since then James Horak has been sharing with the public mainly in UFO forums his work and research.

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The image that accompanies this podcast is of an EMV that I found photographed by Nasa on the 24th January, to find more like this go and investigate EMVs for yourself, you can go to NASAs SOHO website and take a look through their photos of the Sun, you will find EMVs by blowing up photos in photoshop and once you know what to look for, they are very easy to find and have a distinctive shape and structure. Try it out for yourself:



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