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Carlita gets down to some ecological projects and collaboration with two impressive ecological entrepreneurs, Fabiola Benavente and Téo Corthout whom run a European (Belgium based) organization called 3-Force. The concept and objective of 3-Force is to plant trees worldwide, to offset carbon emissions and the restoration of forests, Teo and Fabiola discuss their project work  in Central and South America and possible collaborations on Evolve to Ecology Projects. Carlita, Fabiola and Téo discuss all issues relating to Tree Planting, Geo-co-ordinating tree planting with google earth and how this can help various ecological aspects of projects on 3-Force and the positive aspect of using Google Earth to help save rainforests from Illegal Logging, Google Earth can help deal with such cases instantly, where as without it, these incidents become forgotten about and are not deal with by authorities.

“If you are coming to help me,
you are wasting your time,
but if you are here because you know
that your destiny is binded to mine,
then let’s work together”
-Quote by Aboriginal Group, Queensland, 1970s

3-Force on Facebook

3-Force on WordPress

Personalize Geo coordinates of Planted Trees

3-Force Africa:

Geo-coordinates of trees planted

3-Force Mexico

Lacanja Project, Chiapas, Mexico

Become a field partner

Download Trees!

Contact Teo and Fabiola


Carlita’s Evolve to Ecology Projects

Evolve to Ecology Tree Planting Project for Central & South America

Evolve to Ecology on Facebook

Shiwiar Ecuador Project

Shiwiar Evolve to Ecology


Organization: BUGYU TOURS / Ikiam Expedition and Conservation Program
Address: Amazon basin, Ecuador
Project Location: Amazon basin, located near the Peruvian border
Contact: Pascual Kunchicuy
Email: shiwiarfund@hotmail.com; ikiamp21@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.ikiam.info
Phone: (593) 88 29 76 77
Fax: (5932) 886-109
Languages: English, Spanish and French
Who can volunteer? Anyone
Commitment: 1 month or 6 months.
Cost: US$12 per day for food and accommodation.

Support the Shiwiar People of Ecuadorian Amazon

visit Pascal Kunchicuys website ikaim Expedition



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