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Carlita is once again joined by James Horak to discuss current events, including the many deaths of Osama bin Laden, there are various links below that point to earlier deaths announced before this one and the convenient burial of the alleged body at Sea. The news media in the UK are already spinning news stories connected to the most recent announcement of Osama’s alleged umpteenth assassination. James talks about the shadow governments control and power within the fraudulent banking systems and their connection to 9/11. Carlita and James touch on various interconnecting issues such as earth changes, weather manipulation, the CIA presidents, Corporate Fascism, Fukishima, Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship, control over human rights, financial control, exopolitics, Alfred Lambremont WebreJose EscamilliaDr Andrew Basiago, manipulation and manufacturing of terrorism and violence and the need to nurture sustainability, community, peace, kindness and love for all of human kind.

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