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Carlita and James Horak engage in debate on recent cosmic activity of the EMVs/Sunships, further conversations about the field of exopolitics and what some are saying in the ufology circles about the EMVs, disinformation and how it is manipulated due to financial strains, fragmentation of human society, the energy monopoly, surviving the nuclear age, the history behind the present power structure, Hollywood’s interpretations of the truth, different views on the root malevolence of central government, the reptilian and mammalian brain polarities, the crumbling power structure of the oligarchy and the spiritual significance of EMVs/Sunships and their connection to ancient Buddhist and Asian symbolism, how human consciousness is caught up in the dualities of dark and light.



Coronal mass ejections over the 4th and 5th of June cause auroral activity and this very well synchronizes with the huge amount of EMVs we saw on NASAs Soho website, the EMVs are protecting the earth from these Huge Coronal Ejections and they work around the clock to do so.

Sun’s Activity http://www.spaceweather.com/

WEEKEND AURORAS: A coronal mass ejection(CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field on June 4th around 20:30 UT. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights in the United States as far south as Wisconsin, Maine, and Minnesota. Brian Larmay photographed the display from a lakeshore near Pembine, WI:

EMVs Blog by Torz Baron-Copley


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Other Websites relating to Horak’s work:

NASA SOHO Sun observation site


you can click on the last jpegs in the list to see, and the first to see the incredible show. I have been examining these pictures and some of these EMVs look like they are emerging and going into the darkest patch on the sun


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