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Sailing Beyond Knowledge is back in full swing from our new location operating from South America with our first ground breaking episode for 2012, the year of Truth and Prophecies. Some may find it hard to believe that the problem is not that a cure for cancer has not been found, there are many cures that have been purposely surpressed for over 150 years. Carlita has a conference call with Documentary Film Maker Jose Escamilla and three cancer cure doctors, scientists and researchers, all of whom wish to remain anonymous for protection, bar one, Greg Caton, Greg recently returned to Ecuador after illegally being kidnapped from South America and placed in an American Prison for two years by the Food and Drug Administration for making cures for cancer. Greg Caton and his two anonymous colleagues discuss the cancer cure medicines and treatments they offer, their experiences and threats from the US pharmacuetical industry and FDA because they are successfully treating cancer patients.

What you will hear in this podcast may be shocking to some, to others it just echoes stories from the Free Energy Scientists, the governments do not want the best for humanity, they prefer to keep people at a level of repression that the powers at be can profit from and keep us from progressing in health, sustainability and spirituality. Scientists and doctors speak out to risk life and limb to try and create positive change. We are at a cross roads where we are unable to progress unless we can break free through awareness and change the current control system that is holding us back from becoming a better world in everyway.

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