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Episode 51-Voices from the Deep Amazon

Shiwiar Chief Gonzalez Sante by Carla Shaw Copyright 2012

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This Episode is in Spanish, Shiwiar, English and Spanglish. Many thanks to Veronica Suquiland Timias the voice of Shiwiar radio, whom is now our new Shiwiar representative collaborating with Evolve to Ecology and our only connection to the Shiwiar Territory in Juyintsia, Also to Gustavo Timias and Castana Gaulinga for taking such great care of us during our visit .

Carlita goes deep into the Amazon jungle to spend two weeks with the Shiwiar tribe an indigenous minority in Ecuador. At a location that is only accessible by plane flight. For further details please contact Carlita and Evolve to Ecology at http://www.evolvetoecology.com

There are only 830 indigenous Shiwiar left in Ecuador spanning over 13 communities in the Rainforest, the territory Carlita visits is the furthest into the Amazon Jungle, only accessible by an hour and a half plane flight as their territory is near the Puruvian border. to ltake care of two French volunteers, a biologist and photographer whom wish to help conserve the Shiwiar way of life and protect biodiversity also. Before flying deep into the Amazon, Carlita meets and interviews Cristina Gualingam, a Kichwa Indigenous woman whom has been fighting for the conservation and survival of her people in the Savayakwa Territory against illegal oil drilling that has been going on for over 12 years in her territory, Cristina’s people are working with Amazon Watch to campaign against the oil company that has destroyed the rainforest and exploited their people’s rights. The documentary called,”The Children of the Jaguar” is coming soon. You can contact Cristina Gualinga at Cristiallwa@yahoo.com.

The two weeks we spent working with the Shiwiar was a humbling experience indeed, to learn their way of life to get a tiny glimpse of their immense knowledge of Rainforest Medicinal plants and general everyday survival, to collaborate on various conservation projects, preparing for future invasion by oil companies, an hour into the podcast you will hear a military helicopter fly into the territory, it is possible they are mapping the area for oil. No words can describe the experience with the Shiwiar people, they are very kind hearted people, anyone is welcome to spend time with them and collaborate on conservation projects.

For further information on how to help us protect the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Shiwiar Culture, contact Carlita at evolvetoecology@gmail.com or carlita@evolvetoecology.com to find out more about how you can help the Shiwiar people.

Este episodio es en español, Shiwiar, Inglés y Spanglish

Muchas gracias a Veronica Suquiland Timias la voz de Shiwiar radio, quien es ahora nuestro nuevo representante Shiwiar colaborar con Evolucionar a la Ecología y nuestra única conexión con el territorio Shiwiar en Juyintsia. También a Gustavo Timias y Gaulinga Castana por cuidar tan grande de nosotros durante nuestra visita.

Carlita se adentra en la selva amazónica para pasar dos semanas con la tribu Shiwiar una minoría indígena en el Ecuador. En un lugar que sólo es accesible por viaje en avión. Para más detalles, póngase en contacto con Carlita y evolucionar a la Ecología en http://www.evolvetoecology.com

Hay sólo 830 Shiwiar indígena queda en Ecuador que abarca más de 13 comunidades en la selva, las visitas territorio Carlita es el más lejano en la selva amazónica, sólo se puede acceder por una hora y media de vuelo avión ya que su territorio se encuentra cerca de la frontera Puruvian. ltake a cargo de dos voluntarios franceses, biólogo y fotógrafo quien desea ayudar a conservar el medio Shiwiar de la vida y proteger la biodiversidad también. Antes de viajar profundamente en el Amazonas, Carlita cumple y entrevistas Gualingam Cristina, una mujer indígena Kichwa quien ha estado luchando por la conservación y la supervivencia de su pueblo en el territorio Savayakwa contra la extracción de petróleo ilegal que ha estado sucediendo desde hace más de 12 años en su territorio , la gente de Cristina están trabajando con Amazon Watch para hacer campaña en contra de la empresa petrolera que ha destruido la selva y explotar los derechos de su pueblo. El documental llamado” Los Hijos del Jaguar” está al caer. Puede contactar con Cristina Gualinga en Cristiallwa@yahoo.com.

Las dos semanas que pasé trabajando con el Shiwiar fue una lección de humildad en efecto, para aprender su estilo de vida para conseguir un pequeño vistazo de su inmenso conocimiento de las plantas medicinales Rainforest y la supervivencia cotidiana en general, a colaborar en varios proyectos de conservación, la preparación para la invasión de futuro por las compañías petroleras, a una hora en el podcast se oye una mosca helicóptero militar en el territorio, es posible que se cartografía la zona de petróleo. No hay palabras para describir la experiencia con el pueblo Shiwiar, son personas de buen corazón muy amable, todos son bienvenidos a pasar tiempo con ellos y colaborar en proyectos de conservación.

Para más información sobre cómo ayudar a proteger el Amazonas ecuatoriano y la Cultura Shiwiar, póngase en contacto con Carlita en evolvetoecology@gmail.com carlita@evolvetoecology.com o para saber más acerca de cómo puede ayudar a las personas Shiwiar.


Episode 48- The Cancer Cures

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Sailing Beyond Knowledge is back in full swing from our new location operating from South America with our first ground breaking episode for 2012, the year of Truth and Prophecies. Some may find it hard to believe that the problem is not that a cure for cancer has not been found, there are many cures that have been purposely surpressed for over 150 years. Carlita has a conference call with Documentary Film Maker Jose Escamilla and three cancer cure doctors, scientists and researchers, all of whom wish to remain anonymous for protection, bar one, Greg Caton, Greg recently returned to Ecuador after illegally being kidnapped from South America and placed in an American Prison for two years by the Food and Drug Administration for making cures for cancer. Greg Caton and his two anonymous colleagues discuss the cancer cure medicines and treatments they offer, their experiences and threats from the US pharmacuetical industry and FDA because they are successfully treating cancer patients.

What you will hear in this podcast may be shocking to some, to others it just echoes stories from the Free Energy Scientists, the governments do not want the best for humanity, they prefer to keep people at a level of repression that the powers at be can profit from and keep us from progressing in health, sustainability and spirituality. Scientists and doctors speak out to risk life and limb to try and create positive change. We are at a cross roads where we are unable to progress unless we can break free through awareness and change the current control system that is holding us back from becoming a better world in everyway.

For some reason this episode could not be published on podomatic the usual means for Sailing Beyond Knowledge.

Greg Caton





Jose Escamilla’s Websites:





http://tblnfilms.com/LUNA.html tblnfilms.com/JELive http://moonrising-themovie.com/

Music ”Now I see the Light” by Mason

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