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Episode 50 – Evolve to Ecology on Radio Ecuador


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Carlita has the tables turned and is interviewed by Michel Blanchard and Ashley Rogers of Radio Ecuador. Topics discussed are Conservation in the Ecaudorian Amazon, How Carlita met Pascual Kunchicuy and was inspired to set up the foundation Evolve to Ecology to support the Shiwiar people, the most recently discovered indigenous people of the rainforest in Ecuador, Pascual’s work history and Shiwiar tribal roots and how they were discovered. Other subjects discussed are how  important Sustainability is for humankind and sustainability and food production in Ecuador, Nuclear power vs Free Energy and other supressed technologies, Trevor James Constable, Patrick Kelly, Dr Brian O’Leary, Jason Verbelli & Sir John Searl`s work, Exopolitics, Exopolitics University and Alfred Lambremont Webre III,  Neil Kramer Consciousness and the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Thanks to Michel Blanchard & Ashley Rogers Ecuador at your Service

1- Where are you from, where did you grow up?

UK, London, moved around and lived in the country and near the ocean half my life too, my ancestry however is very mixed heritage, my great grandmother is from India, and there is some irish and italian, french and welsh mixed in there too.

2-What is your background?

I was brought up by an artist painter and started out going to art school, then half way through, I had a major operation to remove a tumor, the second one I had whilst very young, the doctors recommended I take a year out to recover and I was on liquid foods for a year, in that time I decided to go back to university to study Wildlife Biology and Environmental Science as ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with the Rainforest and wanted to live and work in the rainforest. I have also had a long standing interest in alternative health and medicinal products due to re-occurring tumors and health issues since I was very young, which is why I practice Qigong and Hypnotherapy.

3-What made you move to Ecuador?

Again the reason I am here primarily is my work with the foundation Evolve to Ecology and our projects I developed here with various different indigenous people in the oriente. I have only been living here a year but I have an 10 year history with Ecuador, through my connection with Pascual Kunchikuy whom is from the Shiwiar territory  of Ecuador, a territory only accessible by a small plane. Pascual has a website for his people and for you to take excurtion`s out to the Shiwiar territory athttp://www.ikiam.info/.  Pascual was taken out of the territory by missionaries whom discovered the Shiwiar people and made them follow the bible, they then took Pascual out of the Jungle when he was only 12 to be trained as a priest, instead he chose to go to America to learn english then since his return has been fighting to protect the Shiwiar heritage and the Amazon rainforest ever since, he has written two small books on his people, their language and culture.

I first heard about Pascual from the work he did with Sarah Dixon, whom during 2002 was advertising for volunteers to take part in a project documenting Shiwiar culture, as part of my Wildlife Conservation training we were recommended to take a year out for work experience and I was scheduled to work with the Shiwiar. Unfortunately around that time a friend was shot dead in Colombia so my family and friends did not want me to go, so I did not go, however I endeavored to keep connections open with Pascual and the Shiwiar as I was very inspired by his work and the rainforest. I set up a foundation called Down to Earth International, based out of London and we would send volunteers to Pascal’s projects, I also taught ecology in Central America at two different Mayan Schools, this was my first charity for projects in Latin America and India. However the fellow directors I invited on board whom previously were friends, took the foundation out of my control after I returned from Central America very sick. as I did not protect myself as the founding director. Not sure what they thought they would get out of achieving that. However I continued to maintain my project work hence setting up this foundation.

4-Did you explore anywhere else in South America? In Ecuador?

Our first projects for my first charity was I started working with two different Mayan schools in Guatemala teaching Ecology to Mayan children, we brought in volunteers from Europe and America to teach the children, the project was so successful that the schools still to this day maintain our ecology curriculum.

5-Now you are part of Evolve to Ecology, please tell us about that and about the various projects associated with it.

Yes I set up this foundation based on 10 years of my work in ecological project development, this is my second environmental foundation. Evolve to Ecology is dedicated to raising awareness on the cohesion between human consciousness and the ecology of all biodiversity on planet earth, our projects encourage conservation of the tropical Amazon rainforest biodiversity. We are a research foundation focused on rainforest conservation and sustainability. We work in collaboration with partner organizations such as 3-FORCE, IKIAM, LOS YAPAS, and PANACEA UNIVERSITY . “Collaborating with other sustainability groups, conservation organizations and building partnerships with indigenous communities is our goal to helps build ‘Localized Sustainability’, which is one solution to many core environmental issues which humanity faces today.

Evolve to Ecology fulfills this goal to empowers the poorest of communities and protect natural resources such as the Rainforest. Centralization of natural resources in the ‘free market’ causes imbalances and problems in the countries where these valuable natural resources are based. The result is deforestation, famine, debt and problems for food growers and indigenous producers. Which is why we promote localized sustainability. Over the last 50 years, an ecological imbalance has arisen from the monopolization of natural resources and energy, a monopoly that overlooks a need to create a more sustainability based economy that is within the bounds of the earth’s natural carrying capacity.

Our projects can demonstrate that localized sustainability can work as a business model to empower individuals and communities locally and globally, transforming humanity and creating a cleaner planet.” We aim to carry out biodiversity surveys with volunteers over the next ten years to mandate further protection from other conservation bodies and government organizations for the most biodiverse regions of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We integrate Ecology and Rainforest Conservation working with indigenous people to do this through workshops, teaching, training and project development. We encourage Sustainability in a time it is most needed, to empower individuals and communities and explore skills and ideas to further build upon this.

We are all for collaborating with other organizations and people. We aim to keep our work very transparent, you can explore many interviews with people whom are part of our team, not something you usually have the opportunity to do with a foundation or charity. Unfortunately there have been many times we have tried to work with other charities and non government organizations are of the mentality to compete for a common goal, we however encourage community goal where ever necessary, which is why we like to collaborate with others and hope that peoples attitudes will change to help us achieve this goal. I have found working with indigenous people deals with many of the front line issues that large established charities have become disconnected with. There was a recent meeting on the 13th of June by the Indigenous peoples of all the Americas that have come up with Sixteen Principles for building a sustainable and harmonious world community emerged from a 40-year process of reflection, consultation and action within Indigenous communities across the Americas.

They are rooted in the concerns of hundreds of Indigenous Elders Spiritual Leaders and Community Members, as well as, in the best thinking of many non- Indigenous scholars, researchers and human and community development practitioners. These guiding principles constitute the foundation for the process of healing and developing ourselves (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually), our human relationships (personal, social, political, economic, and cultural) and our relationship with Mother Earth. They describe the way we must work and what we must protect and cherish. You can look these principles up on the Evolve to Ecology Blog.

The Shaman’s Apprentice Project.

We have many projects, the first one is called The Shaman’s Apprentice Project developed initially for the Shiwiar but would be useful for the whole of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous guardians. We are developing a project to record and note all medicinal rainforest plants used by medicine men and women, we also wish to document rarer trees and plants and seedlings and scan these plants into a 3 dimensional scanner, this will be part of a database, like a virtual archive or library, which can be accessed by subscription for researchers, ecologists and biologists and academics to learn to identify these plants by using the 3D images which will be accompanied by ecological data such as their accompanying pollinators and symbiotic relationships with animals, insects, other plants, medicinal uses by the local indigenous people, IUCN, ( International Union for Conservation of Nature) conservation data, and an accompanying seed bank and nursery to propagate and keep rare species protected.

The other use for this database is to protect knowledge of these medicinal plants by the indigenous people and prove that the plants have been used for medicinal cures originally from these peoples heritage and therefore cannot be patented, exploited or synthesized by pharmaceutical industries without infringing intellectual property rights to these indigenous communities. The other aspect to this project is we will send off a few young Shiwiar candidates to appropriate conservation organizations for them to learn important work experience that they can then bring back to their community and the project to sustain conservation of their people and their rainforest territory. We need other rainforest organizations to offer sponsorship of young Shiwiar that would like to leave the territory for such an experience, there are a few that do leave and end up in shanty towns or working for the military, this is a better option. We currently need a major piece of equipment for this project though and that is the 3D scanner. Up till now all data recording has been done by hand.

Indigenous Language and Ecology School for 45 Vencedores children.

We are bulding a cultural and ecological school in Pastaza, Vencedores, we need spanish books and spanish text books donations along with school materials, we need people to teach here at the school and they can in exchange learn indigenous languages such as Kichwa, Achuar, Shuar and Shiwiar. We also require people to sponsor the children so the community can buy books and teaching materials. There are more projects on our website that people can get involved with, however we also need volunteer campaign and grant writers, journalists, film makers, website designers, volunteer team leaders and field guide coordinator’s, biodiversity survey volunteers, we also need field guide books, and survey equipment and more so if you want to get involved drop us a line and visit our website. Evolve to Ecology

6-What is “Sustainability”, and do you think it is possible to implement that here in Ecuador? How could that be achieved?

Einstein once remarked, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” If this is so, then the process of building a better world must begin with rethinking basic assumptions and exploring root causes. Sustainability is really born out of the ecology movement, in Ecology we have a term called ” Carrying Capacity”, a population can live within the means of that carrying capacity or go beyond it, which usually results in extinction of the population or some sort of bottle neck that has a profound impact on the species survival. Sustainability for Mankind is about living within the Realist means of the Earth’s Natural Carrying Capacity. Our Capitalistic lifestyle and oligarchic government and economics do not wish to see the red margin lines, they act as if there are no limits but continue to contradict this through the media with environmental crisis being the main theme in the news for decades.

To understand what the benefits are of sustainability we need to take a look at  the bigger picture in which Capitalism is the driving force for present day human society, economics and political decisions, isn´t all bad, it encourages high standards in economy, but does ignore high standards in environmental protection and pollution which ironically makes politicians money, there are many clues that point towards this in the stock market. It took me a decade of research to uncover all the amazing solutions for sustainable and clean energy living, and the big question for me as an environmental biologist was well why are the governments not implementing any of these strategies?

Which is when I realized that the government only care about maintaining power, not maintaining a sustainable planet for humankind. And this led to the creation of Evolve to Ecology and Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio. Because capitalism creates competition and is all about centralizing control over natural resources and energy, this way capitalism fragments communities, what I like about sustainability is that it binds and repairs community and yes there is a lot of community spirit here in Ecuador, nothing draws community spirit more than localized food production as it relies on strong a strong community to realize maximum productivity, sustainability already exists here on many levels, as living off the he land is natural to much of the Ecuadorian population, and most do in a very sustainable way, producing an amazing variety of foods and alternative health products with rainforest herbal medicine which is also encouraged here and can enjoy a degree of government protection.

I relate to the work of Ecological Pioneer, Helena Norberg Hodge, she is editor of Ecologist Magazine and author of Ancient Futures, studied with Noam Chomsky, Founder Society for Ecology and Culture believes that those running the global economy are imposing structural violence in our world.

I quote – ”At a deep psychological level, convincing young people that they will get the respect, admiration, love that they are looking for, through consumerism is a manipulation of a deep human instinct to want to belong. Advertising and the media reinforce this message, in the process, destroying the community structures that provided people with the affirmation that they need. We have evolved in groups – deeply interdependent and connected – the separation and competition of the modern world is antithetical to our deepest needs.’’ -Ecological Pioneer, Helena Norberg Hodge

We have an oil based economy, half the world believe that oil comes from fossil fuels and in limited supply which allows oil prices to sour in the USA destabilizing the economy and the other half believe it to be abioitic and in infinite supply which is why Russia’s oil supply has grown exponentially, too many roads, cars and although we have the technology for alternative fuels and energies for our cars and homes (which we will discuss in more detail in a moment), the government is the reason we are in an environmental crisis, its addiction to power and struggle to keep it, it wants to hold on to its wealth and power made from oil and the energy grid, but if humanity is given sustainable communities, where food growing is localized, if we are given free energy, water cars, or vehicles that can travel via anti gravity magnetic technologies, we would be very free from much of the grip of the archaic oligarchic system, and they would make no more profit and would lose all their power.

Many people in the west are trapped in the system and unless you have enough money to buy your own land to grow your own food, you are dependant on the system to live in an unsustainable way, however everyone has choices and to a certain extent can make small changes to live as sustainably as possible, if you live in an apartment you can look into hydroponics on youtube and the internet to find out how to grow some of your own salads, fruits and vegetables organically in your living space, its something evolve to ecology will be developing workshops on in the future. Making the most of a balcony space or small space in a small living space to focus on personal food production.

While I was living in California a year ago, I noticed that the Food and Drug administration were coming down hard on organic food stores and finding reasons to jail the proprietors and put them on bail for extortionate amounts of money. What most people are unaware of is that goverments are against organic and sustainable food growing communities because it goes against government agenda to control food production. There is a trade law that was passed some years ago that many people confuse and think is for health protection, it`s called the Codex Alimentarius Trade Commission, again you can google this on the internet and do your own research, and you will soon find out that this commission was set up to protect the Big Farma and Biotechnological industries and to control the worlds food production, it`s very disconcerting how this got through without anyone having a say and it is the main reason why organic food growing communities in the USA are being destroyed by the FDA.

You see, healthy living, local food production, alternative health medicine and the cancer cures that are available would disable the multimillion pharmaceuticals, lack of food scarcity would disable the bio engineering industries, and the truth about free energy alternatives, that would put vehicles and home electricity on a parallel with our I.T wireless technologies and the fact you can engineer rain without chemicals, just a scientific knowledge of how the ether works allows us to make rain where there are deserts, another technology created first by Wilhelm Reich adapted by Trevor James Constable 40 years ago would put an end to desertification and famine, Trevor James Constable. Visit Trevor’s Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering website to learn more at http://www.rainengineering.com/ .

These kind of technologies would empower us to lengths that would free us from much of the control and power the system and centralization of the world`s resources has over people`s lives on a daily basis. We could cover so much more detail but we just do not have time in this show. A lot of information can be found in the pages of information and links at www.evolvetoecology.com  Or my interviews and discussions on our radio podcast http://sailingbeyondknowledge.podomatic.com Especially after the Gulf Oil Disaster and the Fukishima Disaster in Japan, People are beginning to realize that the governments only really care about power and money rather than humanity and the planets survival.

This has to change, the only way this is going to happen is if communities take it into their own hands to build new sustainability blue prints……..we cannot wait any longer to make the choice or wait for governments to choose for us. They will never serve for humankinds best interests. The clock has stopped ticking and we need to choose which direction in the forked road to take, only one decision is going to help us survive and a sustainable economy that takes into account the earth`s natural carrying capacity within the means of her natural resources is the only option from here on. To find out how to get work experience with Ecuadorian Organic Food Growing Communities go to the Links Page on Evolve to Ecology´s website www.evolvetoecology.com

7-Let’s talk about free energy, it is a very hot topic these days, as Tesla is being revived in all corners of the world. Tell us about the concept of free energy and how it can be achieved.

Ok before we talk about what Free Energy Means I want to highlight some food for thought which will make people realize how important Free Energy Technologies are as an option for creating a brighter future for Planet Earth.

In the USA alone which is 5 percent of the worlds population, consumes 25 percent of the world`s nuclear power so the amount of nuclear waste created per person per year is around 40 grams, that is an incredible amount, it seems lunacy when you learn that it takes 3 millions year for nuclear waste to decay. Globally we have 438 nuclear power stations on planet earth, One nuclear power station generates 3,000 tons of nuclear waste per year, this means that altogether one million three hundred and 14 thousand tons of nuclear waste is generated globally each year, it can cost up to 20 billion to build a nuclear waste repository. There is no accounting for the millions of nuclear war heads in existence. So why are billions being spent to turn planet earth into a nuclear time bomb?

All this while those of us in the Free Energy movement are called crackpots and lunatics? Petroleum companies such as Shell Oil make around a million pounds an hour, they would not be happy with some one coming up with a Free Energy Device for a few thousand pounds or less that produces all the energy you want. This is why there is an aggressive suppression happening. Dr Brian O´Leary also wrote about this in his book The Energy Solution Revolution, its also what was talked about during the first Disclosure Project Conference set up by Dr Stephen Greer which includes over four hundred whistle-blowers whom are government and military officials or scientists that have worked for secret projects.

What does Free Energy really mean?

Most Engineers and Physicists are aware of the Law of Conservation of Energy which says ”You cannot take more out of a system than you put into a system´, almost true but not quite, as you can take more out of a system than you put into the system, there are many ways of doing this, energy is all around us and this is what the field of Free Energy Science deals with. Most people think of solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower. A simple example is wind power, the energy being put in is taken from the environment and what comes out is increase in power and energy from a simple wind generator. Same with solar energy.

Energy coming from the ground flows through our bodies making our heads a higher voltage than our feet. If you connect high and love voltage systems you get a current. Hermann Plauston a german scientist showed how simply you can pull energy out of the air or ether with an Aerial which has an output of hundreds of kilowatts, no input, this is a really simple example of a basic device. You can get the blueprints of a  “Plauston“  Ariel from Patrick Kelly’s site or the Over-Unity website which I will give out below. Has anyone ever wondered why do we have wireless internet but not wireless electricity, it makes no sense what so ever….electricty is everywhere. Wilhelm Reich and Tesla discovered this.

There are many ways you can tap into this energy, And many Free Energy Scientists have achieve over-unity by doing this, a good introduction for those new to this concept would be the interview I did with Author and Free Energy Expert Patrick Kelly on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Episode 23-Scratching the Surface of Free Energy Devices.

Patrick Kelly´s website is http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/ where you can download his 15 Chapter book A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices, in the interview he goes through different inventors various devices and the output of each one. It’s a very impressive presention he gives.

Then some see Free Energy as a futuristic concept more exotic kinds of Free Energy such as The”Hutchison Effect” and Zero Point Energy Converter Cells – “Credited with the discovery of a highly-anomalous electromagnetic effect which causes the levitation of heavy objects; jellification of metals; fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood; anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material; spontaneous fracturing of metals; both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals; and other effects resulting from what is believed to be a very complex scalar-wave interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter.”

Tesla was at the forefront of such discoveries but he also was aware of the malevolent use and potential of some of these energy systems and therefore kept much of this research quite, then of course much of his work and research was destroyed when the goverment realised how his work could implicate them seizing a fortune from Grid Wired Electricty at the command of a switch. Scientists rely on government funding for their research, if the research and inventions discovered are not on a par with government power agendas, the scientist will have his research grants and funds and academic privileges cut off, science has been controlled and shaped in this way for several hundred years now. What students are taught in the physics laboratory is not the reality.

What most do not know is that it has been discovered over 180 years ago and along with the points I highlighted earlier is a major threat to destabilizing current government powers which have been profiting out of needlessly destroying the environment for oil and nuclear power while we have had this technology all along. Evolve to Ecology is one of only few organizations that promote the concept of Free and Alternative Energy, an issue that most foundations and charities do not wish to tackle due to the sensitivity of its suppression by governments, perhaps many organizations are afraid to tackle the reality of the issue for fear of being cut off from grants and support for their work.

We have a page on the Evolve to Ecology website that promotes Free Energy and is a great introduction to those Free Energy Scientists that have been subject to suppression by governments. One of our team members at Evolve to Ecology is the Director of Panacea University, http://www.panaceauniversity.org an on-line learning resource run by Free Energy Researcher & Engineer Ashwerth Palise, Panacea University which is open source on the Panacea University an excellent free resource for New Energy Science and Engineers and Sustainability and a registered nonprofit organization, dedicated to educational study and research.

Ash also has worked closely for many years with Trevor James Constable on his Etheric Rain Engineering Projects. Which is how we connected. You can find an interview with Ashtweth Palise on Evolve to Ecology. Ashtweth is a researcher and field operator of alternative and suppressed free energy technology. He contributes practical work in sustainable development .

Ashweth works directly with Evolve to Ecology on developing New Energy Workshops, Presentations and Resources for Clients, Sustainability Communities, Ecological Housing and Volunteer Projects. Further Resources on Evolve to Ecology include links to a downloadable Free Energy Poster made by my friend and Free Energy Researcher Jason Verbelli whom is also Sir John Searl’s assistant researcher, Jason has a great youtube channel where he rebuilds and adapts energy devices and demonstrates his findings to explain this unknown repressed science.

Jason´s sites are http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealVerbz and http://es.scribd.com/TheRealVerbz

One of the Free Energy Scientists I interviewed was Sir John Searl and his antigravity SEG (SearlElectromagnetic Generator ) device, his extraordinary discoveries with the properties the SEG shows during flight, how it can clean up radiation, transform seawater into fresh pure drinking water, the SEG also addresses drought and could provide rain where there are deserts, and provides incredible benefits to human health. Again you can listen to this interview either on Evolve to Ecology or Sailing Beyond Knowledge Podcast.

Visit Sir John Searl’s Websites:

The John Searl Story by Bradley Lockerman www.SirJohnSearlStory.com

www.swallowcommand.com www.searleffect.com

The Inverse Gravity Vehicle

John Searl Books

Anti-Gravity-The Dream Made Reality by John Thomas

The Law of Squares out of print by Jason Thomas and Magnetic Convertor,

John Bedini and the Monopol Motor www.johnbedini.net

Patrick Kelly’s Free Energy Website




Jason Verbelli

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealVerbz http://es.scribd.com/TheRealVerbz




Mission Statement The New Energy Congress is a global association of experts who review the most promising emerging energy technologies. We publish the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies list, taking into consideration criteria such as: availability, affordability, environmental impact, sustainability, reliability, scalability, and safety. We also facilitate their emergence into the marketplace.



8-Also, you are part of a movement called Exopolitics what is that all about? How did you get involved in that?

Exopolitics is a really fascinating field that is connected to many of the issues we have talked about. There are now 30 exopolitics organizations around the world that exist to bridge the gap between our current consciousness and non terrestrial races that are currently working with us on multidimensional levels and interacting between earthlings and other intelligent civilizations. Here in Ecuador I am a link for anyone whom has had extraterrestrial contact or experiences and wants to be put in touch with people such a Alfred Lambremont Webre whom has a background as a lawyer and in environmental litigation, author of author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe (2005), he is the founder of the Exopolitics movement, a new science, he is a pioneer taking us into an age which requires a great shift in consciousness, his website is http://www.exouniversity.org/ where you can learn more in depth about the subject, you can also listen to an interview on Sailing Beyond Knowledge with Alfred, Episode 30- Exopolitics & the Multiverse with Alfred Webre Part 1 and Part 2 is linked. It is a great introduction to a new science that also is connected to Free Energy and antigravity technology that has been back-engineered from found crashed UFO crafts.

Alfred’s next book is called ”The Dimensional Ecology of the Multiverse”. Alfred believes that the sun has an interdimensional portal at its core, these portals can be found all over the universe, this is interesting because it also ties into the work of Nassim Harramin´s recent discoveries in quantum physics of the vacuum density of particles are mirrored in the macrocosm planets having black holes in the centre which connect worm holes that act as inter-dimensional portals connecting everything in the universe. We live in an interactiv infrastructure of dimensions which we share with inter-dimensional beings that exist in other paralell universes…

So there are some interesting connections and correlations here to be futher investigated. Again you can find a four hour presentation with Nassim Harramin on Sailing Beyond Knowledge radio Alfred Lambremont Webre’s research is also very connected to the work of Mary Rodwell´s research whom is also an expert regression hypnotherapist (whom is one of the reasons I was inspired to train as a hypnotherapist myself) her research has included thousands of clients whom claim to have had communications on a multidimensional level with extraterrestrials, these communications have taken place with children and adults through dreams and multidimensional experiences. Mary Rodwell´s website can be found at http://www.openureyes.org.nz & http://www.emergingparadigms.co.nz

There are a lot of extraterrestrial beings interested in an ecological future for this planet, some nuclear military bases have been witness to visits from UFOs that disable nuclear missiles, one reason for this is that use of nuclear weapons and bombs can blow a hole in the very fabric of space time and parallel dimensions inhibiting and interferring with travel routes for multidimensional beings.

Alfred Lambremont Webre is co-architect of the Space Preservation Act and Treaty to campaign for awareness and a ban on Weaponization of Space, he was also the congressional co-ordinator for the Disclosure Project Conference. and has been a speaker on tour, last year he visited a Mexican university which is synthesizing exopolitics into its curriculum. there is a biodiverse rich universe out there with all forms of life and beings that exist on many different levels some of which have connections and interests on this planet, the field of Exopolitics deals with this and attempts to explain through the work of many scientists the inter-dimensional realities, beings, the unseen dimensions and the multiverse.

Alfred with Andrew D. Basiago’s is also part of Project Pegesus which is a site raising awareness and lobbying US government to disclose its teleportation secret so that teleportation can be adopted on a global basis to help humanity achieve planetary sustainability in the 21st century. on the existence of Quantum space time travel to learn more go to http://www.projectpegasus.net/

I have always had some very abstract experiences that opened up my interest in this area. As a qigong practioner, I found it interesting to discover that every time I practice qigong if I was filming it for training purposes I would be shocked and surprised to see ufos in the film footage when the film was slowed down, Art Neuman aka Henry Deacon talks about this phenomenon, so does Trevor James Constable whom in fact is the first person to have talked about unseen dimensional beings existing in the infrared, or ultraviolet realm in his book The Cosmic Pulse of Life, The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind Ufos .

Trevor has a collection of photographs he prints in this book that took over forty years of studying these organic UFOs. Trevor was the first person to use and develop the technique of filming in infra-red and ultra-violet to study plasma organisms, he refers to them as critters, he talks about his work documenting these creatures that live in our atmosphere in outer-space. We discuss these creatures and their documentation in space with the famous tether incident, leaked out on NASA footage, we discuss other elemental beings and plasma orbs. Trevor talks about how this biodiversity of unseen life has been here since the beginning of time, documented in ancient petroglyph cave art since 3000 BC.

''The question is not when did life appear on earth, but when did life not appear on earth?''  Trevor James Constable
 I interviewed Trevor after interviewing Jose Escamillia, whom had been studying images of the moon and discovered the moon in full color, these objects that Trevor studied are also living on the thin atmosphere that exists on the moon, you can see them in Jose Escamillia's ground breaking documentary, Moon Rising and Lunar along with mysterious structures, like stone- henge and Egyptian looking statues you can find more details to these documentaries on Jose's website http://tblnfilms.com/. 
From the Moon to the Sun, you can go to NASA´s SOHO website to view photos taken of the sun ever 10-15 minutes you can see objects the size of planet earth, Dr Norman Bergrum whom worked as a NASA scientist first saw these same objects in Saturn`s Rings, He wrote a book called "The Ringmakers of Saturn"..

 I did an interview with James Horak. James has helped bring awareness of these 'Electromagnetic Vehicles' (EMVs), or what I call Sunships, an object phenomena, within the Sun's Corona, there is a network of people that watch these objects and I was one of them for a few years, one time I think it was around June 2011 there was a large coronal mass ejection then something like 200 of these objects swarming around the sun as if they were feeding off the energy given out during this high activity. It seems these objects really do harness the energy and buffer or shield the earth from the worst of it. So with all this talk about the suns activity malevolently affecting earth when there are these giant objects that seem to permanently farm the suns energy, I personally am not worried about the sun affecting us in any apocalyptic way, not in our lifetime anyhow.

9-There is definitely a major shift in Consciousness all over the world, and the spiritual energy here in the Andes is palpable. What do you think about this shift, where does it come from? Do you think that this shift is tied together with these movements?
Absolutely, all these issues are very interconnected and relate to the need for a shift in human consciousness which is now a pressing ecological issue and necessity, ignorance is destroying our planet. Just touching on the subjects we have talked about, you need to shift consciousness to accept some of these issues which challenge mainstream belief systems and religions, especially in the field of exopolitics. I am not sure what I expect to come during this so called year of prophesies, I personally feel that earth changes will occur simply as a reflection of cosmic shifts and galactic alignments, but I do not see Armageddon as many of the doom and gloom stories like to buy into feeding the fear factor.
We do have to be careful as there are many people whom claim to be awake and aware that are misguided and giving disinformation, I was actually disappointed after I went to the last talk that Bill Ryan and George Green gave, one being that I am trying to set up a free energy conference down here and although they both declared interest in helping to contribute, neither contacted me again however we have many people and great speakers part of the movement that we know will participate. A lot of people are just caught up in promoting themselves rather than promoting the cause that we are all supposed to be working towards, the other issues is that they both gave talks that promote and feed fears of Armageddon and fear..... I know groups of people preparing for some sort of melt down and that’s fine go with what ever you feel, but just be careful that is really what your intuition is telling you and not that you are buying into the collective conditioning of media doom and gloom. Being awake and aware is not about keeping up with what the illuminati are currently up to, what malevolent plans come next, continuously allowing yourself to be distracted from the inner voice, the inner intuitive or higher self that is connected to that universal consciousness that we are talking about here.  Truely being awake and aware is about learning to identify conditioning and ego struggle which make it challenging for us to connect with with pure consciousness that each of us has the ability to do and listening to that inner voice and connecting with the inner stillness.
My friend Neil Kramer is a great speaker on consciousness and has just published a book called ´´The Unfoldment''. Which is also about this issue. You can buy his book at Neil Kramer.com, a book that draws upon experiential gnosis to formulate a unique synthesis of metaphysics, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge for the journey of consciousness. The Unfoldment is a natural human process; a journey of growth to Dissolve illusions and re-pattern old wiring—liberate the mind from systems of control, transform pain and embrace flow.....after a recent discussion with Neil, I told him that this also describes the process of transformation that hypnosis creates for clients.

10-You are also a hypnotherapist, tell us how that came about. How does that work? Did you have to study it, or is it intuitive, or both?
Hypnotherapy never seizes to fascinate me, hypnosis bypasses the logical mind, the conscious mind, to make inner transformations and embeded positive suggestions to make positive changes, dissolving old unwanted emotional issues or memories and re wiring your neurologically pathways, suggestions are given after you lead the client into a deep relaxing state called catalepsy or somnambulism, there they just relax through the process going deeper and deeper into trance. I trained and qualified with Master Hypnotherapist with Janis Ericson, whom works with Keith Livingston and Richard Bandler and other NLP Hypnotherapy pioneers in San Francisco..
During the training you go through a lot of personal hypnosis, I was just astounded at how much I shifted in a matter of weeks of therapy that would normally take years of psychotherapy. I also had a really interesting experience with my past life regressions that I did. I had expectations of-course, most people do but where I went was very non terrestrial, another dimension filled with the most amazing feeling of love and bliss, I met with these blue light beings that said I was their family. When I had to come out of it and return I really did not want to leave them as I felt so at home, a feeling I have never felt in this life. I learnt that I was sent here to learn and teach love. What was strange about the whole experience was that as I was leaving that dimension, they pulled this pain out of my heart area like a wire coming out of my heart, it heart a lot when they were pulling it out and not long afterwards I had this red mark appear over my heart that stayed for two weeks afterwards. An interdimensional experience that manifested physically. Perhaps this is the reason I am so drawn to and interested in Exopolitics..... I have had some pretty strange and abstract experiences growing up.

Have you seen major changes in behavior with this type of treatment?
When I am treating clients the results I get with clients are always positive without disclosing details and yes positive transformations do always occur, after a treatment people will make decisions that help transform their lives. I first give a consultation to gather information about what the client wishes to work on, the consultation includes a mini present life regression to see how they respond to certain forms of hypnosis techniques so we can get a good session in the next follow up session.
 Is any one a good candidate? What kind of problems are you faced with? 
Obviously client information is confidential. We only do not recommend Hypnosis for schizophrenia or severe bi-polar.. The list is endless for the kind of issues you can recommend hypnotherapy for, generally you can recommend it for anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse recovery, memory loss, insomnia, addictions, bed-wetting, skin conditions, allergies, smoking cessation, dietary issues, grief, controlling physical pain, improving concentration & studying, resolving childhood issues, it helps for inner transformation and for some clients that may have irrational anxieties or fears find that doing a past life regression or present life regression can bring clarity and understanding to present life emotional issues and heal them completely. Brain Weiss´s book Many Masters, Many Lives is a good example of this. Extraordinary things can happen under trance, you can contact spirit guides and teachers while you ar between lives, you can uncover many secrets, knowledge and skills that you learnt in your past lives, its just a subject that is so fascinating and I am very privileged to be able to do it, I enjoy supporting others on their own personal journeys of self- transformation, I find it very rewarding.
 11-As if you didn't do enough, you also paint, tell us about that, how you started, what are you inspirations, your favorite artists? 
I grew up with a painter. My mother is an excellent painter I have therefore always felt as if I am in her shadow, she has set the standard really, I grew up from a young age watching her paint and at times being her subject, I had to sit very still, was great practice for meditation! Her website is kimshaw.co.uk. Thing is with all the foundation work and hypnotherapy I rarely have time to paint these days but I do enjoy it and find it therapuetic, I use all kinds of paints and sometimes draw from abstract or surreal and other times will draw my inspiration from the natural world, I love zoological illustration, I also love landscapes. I love the work of Cesar Manrique, a spanish islander, ecologist architect and painter, I love his philosophy on ecology and art. I also liked Frida Kahlo before she became well known and the work of her husband Diego Riviera and Alex Grey. I also I love the work of sculptors such as Andy Goldsworthy and Anish Kapoor and of course the London cutting edge political street artist Banksy whom went to art school with a close friend of mine actually!
The art teachers said he would amount to nothing, he certainly prooved them wrong! I do not likeconceptual artists such as Tracy Emin or Damien Hirst, conceptual art to me just reflects the lostness of human society. I prefer art that celebrates the beauty and form of nature or the inner beauty of human psyche, which some would argue conceptual art does, but depends on whom the artist is. I also love the post modern art movement.
Currently working on a large watercolour inspired by an Ayahausca journey. I kind of got heart broken over losing a very large painting that I considered my best work when my ex- husband decided to fly it from Guatemala to San Francisco. It never arrived in San Fran, it was about 4 foot by 4 foot, a large acrylic painting of a Brazilian Shaman. I try to imagine that someone whom appreciates it has it on their wall somewhere between Central and North America! I hope to get some pieces together for an exhibition next year to raise money for our rainforest conservation projects.
 12-Do you think Ecuador is a good country for personal evolution?
Has it been for your evolution so far?
I personally feel at home here, but evolution is not about feeling comfortable, real growth happens when your are outside your comfort zone, I will say that I certainly have had a extremely challenging year here and yes have been very out of my comfort zone! Everyone has a specific place they are drawn too and I have always wanted to live near or in the rainforest. I am 10 hours away right now but Cuenca is a good place for me to survive doing other things I enjoy and appeals to the city girl in me as I am from London originally, one of the best cities in europe for art, music and culture. So it’s nice to have access to a little of that here and still be able to go to the rainforest or a waterfall and be in nature.
 13-What's next for you? Where do you see yourself in a year, or five years?
I would like to have set up a yearly Free Energy Conference here in Ecuador to network and benefit local sustainable communities and opening people`s minds to using interesting technologies here, I would like to see some success in rainforest projects to be flourishing and expanding to preserve as much as we can. 

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I Believe in Love
Elephants by Warpaint
Free Energy Mantra by Illuminertia
A New Earth by Fred Cusinato

Episode 49-George Green & Bill Ryan Talk in Ecuador on 2012 Prophecies


  Listen to the show by clicking here

Carlita meets George Green and Bill Ryan (from Project Camelot) through mutual friends for dinner. After which they gave this presentation is an introduction for anyone whom is not already familiar with George Green and his story.

George tells of his story of how he started out as a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D). Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. This experience led him to see through the veils from inside the financial world.

George is also frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is Publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ´´ET’s´´.

UFO sightings are frequently reported, but how many people can actually say they regularly communicate with “space beings.” George has made an agreement to publish the extraterrestrial information to “awaken” us earthlings so we may all be in contact (those that choose to be). George will discuss how and when he saw his first spacecraft, subsequent investigation and how things began to “happen” in his life.

Talks  include information about financial maneuverings, paradigm shift awareness, exopolitics, sustainability and creating a new blue print for a new way of being.

  • How Earth began as a “prison planet” – a penal colony for the universe.
  • Why the latest “Star Trek” movie parallels the aliens urgent message to Earth.
  • An overview of how you can be part of the solution to the “happenings” on the planet.
  • The 300 most powerful people who control every major decision on Earth.
  • An incredible slide show of close-up pictures of several “beamships” and pictures of our space brothers/sisters (who live to be 1000 years old).
  • The Plan 2000 (The PLAN TO BEGIN WWIII) and how that will act upon your lives. BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND PROTECTION.

George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

During these talks without meaning to be contentious (although probably sounding so), Carlita attempted to obtain some clear opinions from George Green on Chem-trails, (Geo-Stratospheric Engineering), there was very little time to deal with this issue in detail and it was not part of his subject of discussion. However, it seems either George hadn’t enough data on Chem-trails or he believes that the oligarchy are spraying these chemicals for benevolent cause ”to save humankind”, he says several things in the talk that are contradictory. This is what surprised Carlita. Though George states that chemtrails contain harmful chemicals to humans, he did not seem to reference the amount of harmful chemicals contained in these Chem-trails (such as barium, strontium, aluminium, even arsenic?) or why food production areas and water resources being targeted with these harmful chemicals?  Chem-trails are not used to cool the planet down, as the ‘Elite’ will have us believe, the current environmental data is there to proove the contrary. Please go to earlier podcasts on ”What in the World are they Spraying?” . There is NASA satilite data from the ‘Insititute of Science and Research’, that demonstrate this planet has entered a new global cooling cycle since the Gulf Oil disaster, where one of our natural warm ocean currents was disabled due to over pollution. There is no need for Geo-Stratopheric Engineering / Chem-trails. They are used to pollute our water sources and fertile food production valleys. 10,000 tonnes of Aluminium are sprayed each day from Chemtrail activity, this has a detrimental affect leaving seeds  unable to propagate due to aluminium poisoning and change in soil PH,  polluting clean water resources and so on. Chemtrails are also used in conjuction with HAARP stations, the closest ones to Ecuador are in Peru and Brazil. It is also interesting to note why Monsanto have produced aluminium resistent GM seeds. Those of us trying to establish organic food growing communities have to find solutions to deal with this large scale problem that directly threatens food and clean water resources.

For further Reading on George Green’s investigations, download George Green’s books here and also listen to a 12 part youtube interview with him on Coast to Coast

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot will be releasing the video to the talks soon which can be found here.

Carlita provides futher information on the issue of Solar Activity affecting Earth’s Communication Systems and Electric Grid in response to Bill Ryan belief that will be affected over the next year or so. Please do your own research and consider the objects that circulate the sun, farming the solar energy from these Coronal Mass Ejections, for more information go to ‘Sun Ships’ ‘EMVs‘ James Horak’s website and interviews with James on these Sunships can be found here ”Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak”

Episode 46- Nassim Haramein’s Earth Shattering Equations on the Unification of All Things-Part 1

Listen to this show here

Carlita attends a ground breaking four hour presentation entitled “Rise to the Equation”  by Nassim Haramein  on the 19th of July,  a talk on his latest discoveries to be released in his latest physics paper after theThe Schwarzchild Proton paper, his recent discoveries are going to create even bigger tidal waves through the world of mainstream physics, science and spirituality. His recent findings reveals how everything is made up of black holes connected by worm holes, he discovered through his equations the vacuum of energy that can be tapped inside a proton, which inturn can be extrapolated to equate the mass of the universe to the exact proton. This inturn can be used to work out with his fundamental equations on the fabric of the holographic universe, consciousness reflected in the microcosm and macrocosm and visa versa; a map of the holographic wormhole network of creation, equations that can be used as a tool to navigate the whole system. The external solution and the internal solution are entangled with the universe everywhere through a fractal infinity, like vortices connecting all points, connecting the internal fluctuations of each proton which inturn are all communicating with one another through wormholes to infinite vibrations, all vibrations are replicated holographically. These equations and his explaination also can be used to explain how some free energy devices work.

Nassim Haramein’s website:

The Resonance Project

Peswiki on Nassim Haramein


Some original Shiwiar Music on this podcast.

Episode 44- The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

    Listen to the Show Here

Carlita and James Horak engage in debate on recent cosmic activity of the EMVs/Sunships, further conversations about the field of exopolitics and what some are saying in the ufology circles about the EMVs, disinformation and how it is manipulated due to financial strains, fragmentation of human society, the energy monopoly, surviving the nuclear age, the history behind the present power structure, Hollywood’s interpretations of the truth, different views on the root malevolence of central government, the reptilian and mammalian brain polarities, the crumbling power structure of the oligarchy and the spiritual significance of EMVs/Sunships and their connection to ancient Buddhist and Asian symbolism, how human consciousness is caught up in the dualities of dark and light.



Coronal mass ejections over the 4th and 5th of June cause auroral activity and this very well synchronizes with the huge amount of EMVs we saw on NASAs Soho website, the EMVs are protecting the earth from these Huge Coronal Ejections and they work around the clock to do so.

Sun’s Activity http://www.spaceweather.com/

WEEKEND AURORAS: A coronal mass ejection(CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field on June 4th around 20:30 UT. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights in the United States as far south as Wisconsin, Maine, and Minnesota. Brian Larmay photographed the display from a lakeshore near Pembine, WI:

EMVs Blog by Torz Baron-Copley


Past SBK interviews with James Horak

Episode 33- Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

Episode 38- Be the Change, Reclaim your Mind

Other Websites relating to Horak’s work:

NASA SOHO Sun observation site


you can click on the last jpegs in the list to see, and the first to see the incredible show. I have been examining these pictures and some of these EMVs look like they are emerging and going into the darkest patch on the sun


Sign this Petition to stop the brutal repression of Free Energy which  is the only solution to saving Earth.



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Episode 41- Exopolitics & the Multiverse with Alfred Lambremont Webre-Part 2

  Listen to Show here

Special guest Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. The founding Exopolitics expert returns to SBK radio to continue talking with podcast host Carlita about Exopolitics & the Multiverse and his latest book ‘Dimensions’, of which he reads an excerpt. Alfred Lambremont Webre was interviewed on SBK radio earlier this year, listen to Part 1 of Exopolitics & the Multiverse show here if you have not heard it already. Alfred co-architect of the Space Preservation Act and Treaty has launched ongoing campaign for awareness and ban of nuclear weapons in space and weaponization of Space, Alfred interviews many key people in the world of exopolitics, he attends conferences worldwide and is an ongoing activist and campaigner for peace in space and on earth and he works hard to bring awareness and education to people that we share this planet and the universe with many other intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Carlita talks to Alfred about multidimensional beings, parallel universes, illuminati, HAARP and Chemtrails, The Japan disaster, Dr Andrew Basiago, increased manifestations of UFOs and Extraterrestrial beings, the Mars Project, Project Pegasus, interdimensional portals throughout space, the sun and sun ships and more.

Alfred Lambremont Webre’s interview with Pat Cori

Alfred Lambremont Webre & Leuren Moret-Fukushima Haarp Nuclear attack by CIA

Alfred Lambremont Webre at Exopolitics.com

Alfred Lambremont Webre at Seattle Examiner

Project Mars

Exopolitica Mexico

Exopolitica Argentina

Mary Rodwell Acern

Suzanne Hansen

To read more information relating to this podcast go to The Sailing Beyond Knowledge Blog

Episode 40-Machiavellian Politics with James Horak

                                                    Listen to this Episode here

Carlita is once again joined by James Horak to discuss current events, including the many deaths of Osama bin Laden, there are various links below that point to earlier deaths announced before this one and the convenient burial of the alleged body at Sea. The news media in the UK are already spinning news stories connected to the most recent announcement of Osama’s alleged umpteenth assassination. James talks about the shadow governments control and power within the fraudulent banking systems and their connection to 9/11. Carlita and James touch on various interconnecting issues such as earth changes, weather manipulation, the CIA presidents, Corporate Fascism, Fukishima, Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship, control over human rights, financial control, exopolitics, Alfred Lambremont WebreJose EscamilliaDr Andrew Basiago, manipulation and manufacturing of terrorism and violence and the need to nurture sustainability, community, peace, kindness and love for all of human kind.

Further links for researchers

Veterans Today News

Fukishima & 9/11

Veteran’s Today Fukishima 2000 Atomic Bombs

Corp Watch

Benazir Bhutto

Seattle Examiner Alfred Webre’s analysis of Barrak Obama’s Birth Certificate

Russia’s Newspaper acknowledges Bhutto’s statements of Osama Bin Laden’s Death in 2007

What Really Happened

Art work by Political illustrator David Dees

Episode 36-Invisible Wars & Sustainablity verses Corporate Fascism with James Horak


Attero dominatus

Listen to this Episode Here

James Horak returns to SBK and with Carlita discusses a wide scope of topics relating the epic tragedies that have befallen the people of Japan, along with an interwoven journey of discussions that relate to this event and the unfolding of further earth changes, sustainability, the shadow government, the corporate war on humanity and human consciousness, Mayan culture, indigenous people and cosmic events beyond the scope of human contemplation.

James has helped bring awareness of ‘Electromagnetic Vehicles’ (EMVs) or Sunships, an object phenomena, within the Sun’s Corona, each one the size of planet earth; first studied by  Dr Norman Bergrun who wrote the book “The Ringmakers of Saturn”. James shares with listeners his experiences with UFOs, his research and work. James and Carlita discuss, EMV, EBs, ETs, UFOs, USOs Multidimensional reality, God, Divine Consciousness, the powers at be, Corporate corruption, 9/11, the Gulf Oil Disaster, Hollywood Films, Nuclear wars and Infinite Consciousness.

Since James Horak was very young he has had encounters with UFOs, as a young man he spent a few years in the Navy serving aboard navy ships where in 1962 he witnessed a UFO encounter in Sasebo Harbour, Japan. This in turn led to further strange events in James’s life. In 1973 he worked on the Theory of Fusion Metals and other projects relating to mineral analysis that led him to encounter EMV operations in Utah, USA. Since then James Horak has been sharing with the public mainly in UFO forums his work and research.

Soil Mineral Information

James says Robert Hightower, the horticulturalist was working with this silicate mineral enrichment and nearest equivelant: Calcium montmorillonite clay ( Excelerite).
Finely grind that down with mortar and pestle. Take a pinch and expiate with a
few drops of tincture of hot peppers. The mineral will take out all the sting. Slosh around in the
mouth a few minutes before swallowing. Get the 10# bag, it’s more economical and will last a
lifetime unless you care to try it out on plants and animals. A little will go a long way. You can
have a paradise with 500 pounds. And I’m sure this gentleman would give you a good deal.
On another matter, April is in the middle of the spring run-off in that area we discussed.


Radiation Levels carried in Jet stream from Fukishima

Other Websites relating to Horak’s work:




Torz Baron-Copley’s blog on EMVs for James Horak


Invisible wars

Illuminati Whistle Blower

NASAs SOHO observation site of the Sun’s Activity




Amyrikan Promise by Erika Badu

background music from an Om Lounge compilation

To read more about this episode  & explore further links go to The Sailing Beyond Knowledge Blog

To listen to earlier interviews with James and also to visit his blog on the Sun and the Sunships or EMVs that are actively around the sun go to further links below.

Episode 33 interview with James Horak on Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio

Episode 34-Multidimensional Beings & Divine Consciousness with James Gilliland

Listen to the show here

Carlita introduces the audio version of a talk by James Gilliland, a Southern California native, he is an author, teacher, ufologist, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, and the founder of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) organization.

James Gilliland has extensive information on the appearance of Spiritual Masters and other Off World Visitors. He speaks here regarding 2011, Multi-Dimensional Beings, The Multi-verse, The Galactical Alighnment, DNA, Unity Consciousness, Paradigm Shifts, The Creator, Religions, Illusion of Separation, Ego and Greed Programmes, Karma, Harmony, Monkey Mind/Intellect, The Soul being in the Seat of the Heart, Omnipresence, Multidimensional Realities, Levels of being and creating Heaven on Earth.

Converse with Carlita on this episode and the last two interviews she did on February 2nd at 12pm PST time on skype, details how to join in and be part of SBK radio on this podcast.




James Gilliland Interview viewable channel -Republic Council Youtube





Introduction-background music, Talvin Singh

End-Beauty and the East by the Bombay Dub Orchestra

Episode 33- Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

Listen to this show here.

Carlita hosts an interview with James Horak. James has helped bring awareness of ‘Electromagnetic Vehicles’ (EMVs), an object phenomena, within the Sun’s Corona, each one the size of planet earth; first studied by  Dr Norman Bergrun who wrote the book “The Ringmakers of Saturn”. James shares with listeners his experiences with UFOs, his research and work. James and Carlita discuss, EMV, EBs, ETs, UFOs, USOs Multidimensional reality, God, Divine Consciousness, the powers at be, Corporate corruption, 9/11, the Gulf Oil Disaster, Hollywood Films, Nuclear wars and Infinite Consciousness.

Since James Horak was very young he has had encounters with UFOs, as a young man he spent a few years in the Navy serving aboard navy ships where in 1962 he witnessed a UFO encounter in Sasebo Harbour, Japan. This in turn led to further strange events in James’s life. In 1973 he worked on the Theory of Fusion Metals and other projects relating to mineral analysis that led him to encounter EMV operations in Utah, USA. Since then James Horak has been sharing with the public mainly in UFO forums his work and research.

Other Websites relating to Horak’s work:




Torz Baron-Copley’s blog for James Horak


The image that accompanies this podcast is of an EMV that I found photographed by Nasa on the 24th January, to find more like this go and investigate EMVs for yourself, you can go to NASAs SOHO website and take a look through their photos of the Sun, you will find EMVs by blowing up photos in photoshop and once you know what to look for, they are very easy to find and have a distinctive shape and structure. Try it out for yourself:



Shoot the Breeze (Harry Roy Remix) a collaboration by Illuminertia & Carlita




Episode 30- Exopolitics & the Multiverse with Alfred Webre Part 1

Listen to the show here.

Carlita is honored to have special guest Alfred Webre, J.D., M.Ed. founding Exopolitics expert, co-architect of the Space Preservation Act and Treaty to campaign for awareness and a ban on Weaponization of Space, he is also the congressional co-ordinator for the Disclosure Project.

Carlita talks to Alfred about the Space Preservation Act and Treaty, Stanley Fulham, The Council of Eight, Key events of 2010 such as the Norway Spiral, UFO over Moscow and general increased UFO sightings of the past year. Carlita asks Alfred his perspective on the issue of UFOs disarming or intercepting military nuclear weapons, how the shadow governments have imitation space craft and their agenda behind false flag black psy-operations, the Gulf Oil disaster and how the Gulf Stream has been altered and why these are important events to consider for earth changes. Carlita and Alfred Webre discuss life on Mars, the latest mysteries of the recent global bird and fish deaths, Electro Magnetic Vehicles surrounding the sun and the suns activities and how they will affect earth.

Alfred Webres Websites:
EXOPOLITICS: http://www.exopolitics.com
MARS: http://www.projectmars.net
Exopolitica Mexico: http://www.exopoliticamexico.org
Exopolitica Argentina: http://www.exopoliticsargentina.net
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
Alfred Webre believes that there is intelligent extraterrestrial life in our Universe. He is currently publishing a book called DIMENSIONS: THE DIMENSIONAL ECOLOGY OF THE MULTI-VERSE

Alfred is the author of the online e-book, “Towards a Decade of Contact” , A Decade of Contact Part 2 and the book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe”. The exopolitics model functionally maps the operation of politics, government and law in an intelligent Universe, and provides an operational bridge between models of terrestrial politics, government and law, and the larger models of politics, government and law in Universe society.
Alfred Webre says that the truest conception of our human circumstance may be that we are on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, multi-dimensional Universe society. He believes that we live on a planet that has been quarantined (the Zoo Hypothesis) and that we are now being given an opportunity to join the rest of the spiritually evolved Universe Society in peace, thus an opportunity to avoid environmental global self-destruction or global self-destruction through war.
Webre’s views are not unlike the conclusion of other independent researchers such as Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. Courtney Brown and the late Harvard Medical School Professor of psychiatry, Dr. John Edward Mack, who believed that we must become “galactic citizens”.

In 2007, Alfred Webre launched the Exopolitics Radio program hosted by 1480 KPHX (which at the time was the Air America Radio affiliate, and Nova M Radio flagship station, in Phoenix), Guests on the program have been generally advocates of views similar to that of Webre, and many are well known within the UFO research/enthusiast (and to a lesser extent the New Age) community.

During the last months of 2010, Alfred completed a tour of Mexico and was invited by the Science Faculty of the University of Colima, Mexico for a formal keynote lecture by Alfred Lambremont Webre – whose 2000 book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe” founded the science of Exopolitics – marks one of the first times in history that a University-level science faculty has formally commissioned a lecture on Exopolitics. Alfred describes Exopolitics as the new science of relations between intelligent civilizations in the Multiverse.
This advanced attitude by the Mexican University and educational establishment toward elevating the capacity and knowledge of their students and teachers regarding relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse is in stark contrast to the recent Nov. 2, 2010 rejection by Denver, CO. voters of a proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. The United States has since 1953 suffered under an extraterrestrial truth embargo imposed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Robertson Panel.
Education about possible extraterrestrial intervention 2011-2015

Continued at: http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/exopolitica-mexico-colima-launch-with-et-lecture-at-university-colima-mexico

Alfred Webre and Dr. Carol Rosin founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) in 2001. The ICIS mission is to educate decision-makers and the grassroots about why it is important to ban space weapons. Through the help of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, the Space Preservation Act (HR 3657) was introduced to the 108th Congress on January 23, 2002. ICIS continues to lobby for a Space Preservation Treaty conference where leaders of the world would gather to ban space weapons. Supported by former Minister of National Defence Hon. Paul Hellyer who believes that this treaty would help put a cap on the war industry and open the door for international cooperation in outer space exploration. Thus, transforming the “war based” economy into a “peace based” economy.The ICIS board is made up of various prominent individuals such as former astronauts Edgar Mitchell & Dr. Brian O’Leary, as well as Arthur C. Clarke, General Council Daniel Sheehan and John McConnell who is the founder of International Earth Day.

How to evaluate this 2011 brief upswing in state terrorism destabilizing events by Alfred Lambremont Webre

1. Attempt to instill fear and set agenda – This upswing at the beginning of 2011appears a coordinated attempt by the international d…rug and finance cartel to instill fear and confusion in the human population and instill fear and set an agenda.

2. The positive future 2011 – 2025 – In fact, the singularity at the core of our universe is emitting waves of enlightened unity consciousness that are accessible to all minds on Earth. These waves are driving a constant and objective level toward positive future.

3. Increased visibility and recognition of state terrorism – Whatever upswings in state terrorism are attempted in 2011 become occasions for the activated and enlightened portion of our human population to make the rest of the population aware that this state terrorism is designed by a very narrow international drug and financial cartel – DOPE INC – that is trying to keep themselves in power and their failing hold over the human population intact.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: AZ Congresswoman assassination scenario has MKULTRA profile, drug & space target – Seattle exopolitics | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/az-congresswoman-assassination-scenario-has-mkultra-profile-drug-space-target#ixzz1AsXO5ZOR

Music Contribution by

Jason James Johnson


Za-Zay -Jason James Johnson


Eric Modean Montross of the Illuminertia Project

Starwalkers-Carmen, Bizet, Mozart Dub Mix, a collaborative production by Carlita and Eric Modean Montross




The last sound click is from a video courtesy of “The Love Police” at youtube


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