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Episode 35-Returning to Community & Simplicity

Listen to the show here.

Carlita hosts a dynamic conversation between Nexus, Jarett Sanchez & herself, they talk about  many subjects including Terrence McKenna and William Blake as a visionary and revolutionary thinker of his time, other inspirational podcasters and reasons for podcasting, philosophy, weather wars & technologies, Space weather, human complacency, the earth’s energy field, gaia theory and related thinkers, Medine Wheel Healing, Earth Changes, Ancient Technology and use of Quartz Crystals, Communities, corporations dictating to communities, education, permaculture, organic foods & creating new opportunities with community gardens and farms.

Nexus hosts Shroom with a View podcast

Jarett Sanchez hosts The Next Step & Black Light in the Attic podcast with Cody.

Other great podcasts are KMO of the C-Realm podcast, Lorenzo Hagety’s Psychadelic Salon, (archived Terrence McKenna Clips here), Niall aka Opaque Lense host of Shamanic Freedom Radio podcast

Other related links to the information spoken about in this podcast

Gaia hypothesis

Crop Circle Connector

Quantum Agriculture

Organic Consumer Org Millions against Monsanto


Morgan Spurlock

Robert Menard

Johnathan Reid Cymatics Interview

Earth Healing

Earth’s Meridians/Ley Lines

Medicine Wheel Healing with Blue Thunder

Terrance McKenna Land

Codex Alimentarius Trade Commission




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