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Episode 49-George Green & Bill Ryan Talk in Ecuador on 2012 Prophecies


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Carlita meets George Green and Bill Ryan (from Project Camelot) through mutual friends for dinner. After which they gave this presentation is an introduction for anyone whom is not already familiar with George Green and his story.

George tells of his story of how he started out as a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D). Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. This experience led him to see through the veils from inside the financial world.

George is also frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is Publisher of “Handbook for the New Paradigm” written by the ´´ET’s´´.

UFO sightings are frequently reported, but how many people can actually say they regularly communicate with “space beings.” George has made an agreement to publish the extraterrestrial information to “awaken” us earthlings so we may all be in contact (those that choose to be). George will discuss how and when he saw his first spacecraft, subsequent investigation and how things began to “happen” in his life.

Talks  include information about financial maneuverings, paradigm shift awareness, exopolitics, sustainability and creating a new blue print for a new way of being.

  • How Earth began as a “prison planet” – a penal colony for the universe.
  • Why the latest “Star Trek” movie parallels the aliens urgent message to Earth.
  • An overview of how you can be part of the solution to the “happenings” on the planet.
  • The 300 most powerful people who control every major decision on Earth.
  • An incredible slide show of close-up pictures of several “beamships” and pictures of our space brothers/sisters (who live to be 1000 years old).
  • The Plan 2000 (The PLAN TO BEGIN WWIII) and how that will act upon your lives. BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND PROTECTION.

George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

During these talks without meaning to be contentious (although probably sounding so), Carlita attempted to obtain some clear opinions from George Green on Chem-trails, (Geo-Stratospheric Engineering), there was very little time to deal with this issue in detail and it was not part of his subject of discussion. However, it seems either George hadn’t enough data on Chem-trails or he believes that the oligarchy are spraying these chemicals for benevolent cause ”to save humankind”, he says several things in the talk that are contradictory. This is what surprised Carlita. Though George states that chemtrails contain harmful chemicals to humans, he did not seem to reference the amount of harmful chemicals contained in these Chem-trails (such as barium, strontium, aluminium, even arsenic?) or why food production areas and water resources being targeted with these harmful chemicals?  Chem-trails are not used to cool the planet down, as the ‘Elite’ will have us believe, the current environmental data is there to proove the contrary. Please go to earlier podcasts on ”What in the World are they Spraying?” . There is NASA satilite data from the ‘Insititute of Science and Research’, that demonstrate this planet has entered a new global cooling cycle since the Gulf Oil disaster, where one of our natural warm ocean currents was disabled due to over pollution. There is no need for Geo-Stratopheric Engineering / Chem-trails. They are used to pollute our water sources and fertile food production valleys. 10,000 tonnes of Aluminium are sprayed each day from Chemtrail activity, this has a detrimental affect leaving seeds  unable to propagate due to aluminium poisoning and change in soil PH,  polluting clean water resources and so on. Chemtrails are also used in conjuction with HAARP stations, the closest ones to Ecuador are in Peru and Brazil. It is also interesting to note why Monsanto have produced aluminium resistent GM seeds. Those of us trying to establish organic food growing communities have to find solutions to deal with this large scale problem that directly threatens food and clean water resources.

For further Reading on George Green’s investigations, download George Green’s books here and also listen to a 12 part youtube interview with him on Coast to Coast

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot will be releasing the video to the talks soon which can be found here.

Carlita provides futher information on the issue of Solar Activity affecting Earth’s Communication Systems and Electric Grid in response to Bill Ryan belief that will be affected over the next year or so. Please do your own research and consider the objects that circulate the sun, farming the solar energy from these Coronal Mass Ejections, for more information go to ‘Sun Ships’ ‘EMVs‘ James Horak’s website and interviews with James on these Sunships can be found here ”Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak”


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