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Episode 21-Dangerous Men

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Carlita features an excerpt conversation between Theo Chambers and Karen Sawyer an author and her latest book, The Dangerous Man: Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers – A Collection of Alternative Research. Karen Sawyer organised the Alternative Research Convention which Carlita was due to attend last February 2010 to record talks by her friend Neil Kramer who spoke at the event . Carlita features a 30 minute excerpt from The ARC Convention Panel of main speakers featuring various  British/European cutting edge investigative writers, speaker, researchers of ancient history, deep mystics/politics/symbolism and expanding consciousness. ARC Convention Feb 2010 – Panel Discussion,  2010 in Bath,UK – featured Speakers: Alan WilsonLeo RutherfordNeil Kramer, Ralph EllisDaniel Tatman, and Michael Tsarion.

The ARC Panel Discussion is on sacred geometry in architecture and the Golden Mean, Illuminati, British Celtic  and Gnostic history, ancient sacred sites, destruction of ancient knowledge, consciousness and what is within us is reflected outside of us,spiritual poverty, how we have reinvented slavery, maintaining internal balance in chaotic times and how the oligarchy are becoming an old paradigm struggling to maintain power as we go through metamorphosis on the shift to a new way of being, we are responsible for manifesting the shadows in the world we are therefore responsible for changing the external world by taking responsibility for our internal consciousness.

The next ARC Convention is due the 28th and 29th August, 2010, you can purchase DVDs of the talks there and also buy a copy of Karen Sawyers book The Dangerous Man: Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers – A Collection of Alternative Research.


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