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Episode 11- In Defense of Dolphins with Dr Thomas White



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Dr Thomas White shares with us his knowledge on the implications his research has of how we currently treat dolphins; while his work focuses on ethics and how we need to re-evaluate our perception of dolphin intelligence. Humans continue to apply speciesism when observing intelligence of other creatures when we do not necessarily demonstrate balanced consciousness by living within the means of the earth’s sustainable carrying capacity.

Differences in dolphin and human aggression are also discussed. Changing our perception of dolphins, acknowledging dolphins share similar traits of self awareness, complex social structures, thinking abilities in terms of past and future, ability to choose to act in response to a situation and their reasoning abilities. This re-evaulation means we need to set new frontiers for the status of dolphins in terms of dolphins being ‘non-human persons’. A step forward to expanding our own consciousness and how we can learn from dolphins and how they live with one another.

Dr Thomas White is a professor at Loyola Marymont University, Los Angeles and a Fellow at The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Thomas is also an author of a ground breaking publication in 2007 called “In Defense of the Dolphin-The New Moral Frontiers” which explores how dolphins qualify for the status of non-human personhood.

Dr Thomas White’s Website In Defense of Dolphins:


More recently The Times acknowledges the work of Dr Thomas White and other scientists research that dolphins are ‘non-human persons’. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/science/article6973994.ece


Intro Sensing the Spheres by Enigma

Beauty in Simplicity by Ustad Usman Khan


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Episode 10- Diving into the World of Dolphins with Ed Ellsworth

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Ed Ellsworth, an international leading consultant on dolphins, shares with us his valuable insights into the world of dolphins and other cetaceans and how we can learn from them. Ed Ellsworth is a world wide ‘Dolphin expert’. In 1979 Ed met Dr John Lilly, they began working together developing pioneering techniques to communicate with dolphins on the ‘JANUS’ project for 5 years, thereafter Ed worked with John Lilly for many years.Ed has featured in various Discovery Channel documentaries as a Dolphin Consultant and is a major contributor to Dolphin Conservation when in the 1980s he raised public awareness and support for the dolphin and tuna fishing issue, helping to save thousands of dolphins lives with encouraging people to boycott tuna fishing practices that were not dolphin friendly. Ed was the founder of The Dolphin Network, and created the permit process with National Marine Fisheries to let dolphins go free from captivity. He helped release Dr. John Lilly’s dolphins in the mid-80’s. Ed was a humpback whale naturalist with EarthTrust in Maui. He also led dolphin trips to the Bahamas for the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Ed is a video and website producer, having been involved in the production of some 35 short film and documentary projects for humanitarian, education and spiritual purposes. Ed Ellsworth’s website The Dolphin Trail http://www.dolphintrail.com

Ed’s other websites:  http://enlightenedfilms.com



Dolphin Serenade by Collie Brice, The Plight of the Whale by Willie & Lobo.

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Originally Published Jan 14th 2010

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