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Episode 27-The Storm That Swept Mexico

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Carlita gives special thanks for her first very generous podcast donation. Carlita was invited to a private preview of the documentary The Storm That Swept Mexico of which she introduces the auditory version of the  documentary, the visual material is unparalleled and must be seen as it contains amazing film and photographic archives used along with interviews with veteran zapatistas’ who were over a hundred years old at the time of shooting the documentary, therefore their stories could give first hand witness accounts of the Mexican Revolution that they were a part of. The Storm That Swept Mexico is an impressively concise and detailed political documentary, that took ten years to make, produced by Raymond Talles, who’s own grandfather fought alongside Villa, while his family were torn apart by opposing political views and the turmoil of a country at war. Raymond Telles is a veteran producer of many award-winning programs including The Fight in the Fields, the biography of Cesar Chavez, Inside the Body Trade, Children of the Night (Frontline), and Race is the Place. He has produced and directed programs for PBS, ABC, NBC, Discovery, and National Geographic. Telles has won numerous awards including Emmy Awards, the DuPont-Columbia Gold Baton, PBS Programming Awards for News and Current Affairs, The Ohio State Award, ALMA Award, top honors in the San Francisco, Chicago and New York Film Festivals, as well as numerous other awards for his work in film and broadcast journalism

The Storm that Swept Mexico tells the story of the Mexican Revolution, the first major political and social revolution of the 20th century. The Revolution not only changed the course of Mexican history, but also profoundly impacted its relationships with the rest of the world. The Storm that Swept Mexico looks at the complex historical, social, political, economic and cultural forces that shaped the Revolution influenced its course and determined its consequences and legacy.

The Storm that Swept Mexico cuenta la historia de la Revolución Mexicana, la primera gran revolución política y social del siglo 20. La Revolución no sólo cambió el curso de la historia mexicana, sino también impacto profundamente sus relaciones con el resto del mundo. The Storm that Swept Mexico busca en las complejidades históricas, sociales, políticas, económicas y culturales que dieron forma a la Revolución, influyo en su curso y determino sus consecuencias y su legado.

The Storm That Swept Mexico website:

Director: Raymond Telles
Archivist: Kenn Rabin
Producers: Raymond Telles, Kenn Rabin
Director of Photography: Vicente Franco
Editor: Manuel Tsingaris
Music: Pete Sears, Los Lobos
Narrator: Luis Valdez
Interviewees: Baldomero Blanquet, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Barry Carr, Romana Falcón, Adolfo Gilly, P. Edward Haley, Friedrich Katz , Maria de Jesus Lopez Davila, Laura Gonzalez Matute, Carlos Pacheco Valle, Max Parra, Elena Poniatowska, Ramón Ruíz, Benjamín Sánchez, Alex Saragoza, Andrés Soto, Jesus Vargas, Jorge Zapata


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